Push to Social Question

What is Push To Social?

The Push To Social tool allows you to send positive feedback on a survey to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This tool will help you with your brand marketing and management.

How to insert a Push to Social Question?

Go to:

Login >> Surveys >> Edit >> Add Question >> Graphical Rating >> Push to Social

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You can add the question text as well as the option text in the open ended box.

Step 1: Define number of stars when you want the social media icons to appear. For example: 4 stars and above.

Step 2: Select on which social media site you want your respondents to post it on.

Step 3: Customize the messages that the respondents will see.

Step 4: You can also enable a comment box to get displayed if low rating is given so that the respondents can elaborate the reason of dissatisfaction

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With the help of the rich text editor you can customize the look and feel of your text in a click.

You can also insert images using html tags from the image library. Check how


There are various settings available with this question type-

1. Validation and Display settings:

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  • Validation:There are various types of validations QuestionPro provides.

    You can set the question to be mandatory ( Require response). Check how

    You can code your own javascript validation for the question. Check how

  • Randomize question Options:You can randomize the row attributes. For example: For a test if you do not want the students to see the options in the same order to avoid cheating.
  • Answer Display:You can change the answer display to another question type. You can change it to:

2. Look and Feel:

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  • Embed Video:You can insert a video into the question using Youtube or Image library. Check how
  • Display:You can add alternating colors for your options. It becomes easier to read as well as it looks good. Check How
  • Question and Answer width:You can change the question and answer width for the question in the survey.

3. Tips:

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You can add tips on how to take the survey or what exactly the question means so that the respondent finds it easier to respond without any confusion. Check How

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