What is a Panel ?

Panels provide responses to users. So basically you can buy respondents from a third party panel for your survey.

For example: You want to introduce a new product into the market for which you need a market research to make a decision. But you do not have respondents to send the survey to. In such cases “Panels” come in.

You can provide them with the criteria you are looking for, “a target audience” and they will provide you with the same.

How does it integrate with QuestionPro?

A client is using QuestionPro as their market research tool. The client is also using a Panel for respondents who will take the survey created using QuestionPro. In that way we integrate with the panel and exchange data like the respondent details and response.

How do I set up a Panel integration within QuestionPro?

You will need to set up a Custom Panel.

  • Step 1: Ask your Panel person to provide you with the 3 re direct links.
  • Step 2: Once received, go to: Login » Surveys » Edit » Completion
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Step 3: Insert the 3 links in the open ended boxes. These are the redirects for Completes, Terminated and Quota Overfull.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Step 4: Creating the final redirect link for the Panel: Now as we have all three links available with us in the Finish Options, next task is to create the final redirect link(survey link) which the Panel company needs for its respondents to answer them.

    Below are the links given by the Panel:

    Link 1:${custom1}

    Link 2:${custom1}

    Link 3:${custom1}

    Now we will pick variables the Panel used in their links and use them in our own links. In that way we exchange the data and get them saved.

    • Step 4.a: Identify the common variables used in the above three links. For example: UID
    • Step 4.b: Go to: Surveys >> Edit >> Preview the first question of your survey.
    • Survey Software Help Image
    • Step 4.c: Add the common variable to the previewed link.
    • Example:

      Example of final link::

      QuestionPro Link + Panel variables = Live survey link

  • Step 5: This is the final link that you need to give to your panel provider. And then they will do the rest.

How will I identify which variable to add in the link?

Hint: it is mostly the last 2 variables common in the link.

The variables changes from Panel to Panel. IF you are unable to identify them please contact our Live chat.

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