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The survey options have some “More” option which are more on the technical logic part.

Following are the options available:

  1. Cognitive Stress / Usability Test: A cognitive stress / usability test is an activity that determines the robustness of surveys by testing them beyond the limits of normal operation.
  2. Generate Responses: Generate Test Responses option can be used when you have to generate responses in bulk for testing purposes.
  3. View Flowchart: When a logic is applied to the survey, flowchart option provides you to view the entire “logic flow” in a chart. In that way you know how the survey logic is set up.
  4. Survey Software Help Image
  5. View Logic Criteria: When you set up logic criterias in the survey, the list of all the criterias appears in this list. Here you can add or delete your criterias.
  6. Survey Software Help Image
    Survey Software Help Image
  7. Validate Branching Logic: When your survey is really huge and has too many logic set ups, it becomes difficult to check if there is any error.

    For example: You have set a criteria that:

    IF Q1=Weekly jump to Q6.

    And if you go ahead and replace Q1 with another question or reorder it. The flow of the logic becomes invalid. In such cases Validate branching logic helps you to identify if there are any exceptions.

  8. Custom JS: If QuestionPro does not have any logic readily available you can use javascript to code it as per your requirement. For that purpose you can click on custom JS and write the code in the open ended space.
  9. Remove all branching logic: This is used to reset all the branching logic in the survey ‘at once’. You can also do it one by one by going to:

    Surveys >> Edit >> Logic >> Reset

    Survey Software Help Image
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