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What are Prohibited Pairs?

Prohibited Pairs allow you to make the Concepts (Attributes and Levels) more realistic. It allows for definiting "Rules" that the Conjoint Module wil l follow when deciding on what Attributes and Levels to make up a Concept. You can create as many "Pairs" as you want and the Engine will never display two levels that have been marked as "Prohibited" in the same concept (as a product) for the user to choose.

How to set up Prohibited Pairs?

The Prohibited Pairs tool can be accessed at :

    • Login »  Surveys »  Edit »  Add Question »  Advanced Question Types »  Conjoint Models
  • Click on Conjoint (Discrete Choice)
  • Fill the details and Save Question
  • Survey Software Help Image

  • Click on Edit icon
  • Click on Prohibited pairs
  • Survey Software Help Image

  • Select the Prohibited pairs from Level1 and Level 2 and click on Save Changes
  • Survey Software Help Image

How do I "Remove" a prohibited pair?

To remove an "Existing Prohibited Pair", simply change the Drop Down Combo-Box to "Select", and then Save your changes. This will automatically remove that Prohibited Pair.


It is very important that you simulate (Using the Concept Simulator) after defining your prohibited pairs. It is entirely possible that the combination of the Prohibited Pairs that you have defined leave fewer alternatives than the number of "Concepts Per Task" -- In such a case the engine will error out and the user will not be able to complete the survey. Please simulate at least 1000 respondents (Using the Concept Simulator) to make sure that your design is orthogonal enough. In order to avoid this, please only use the bare minimum prohibited pairs, to achieve maximum orthogonal design. Remember, the idea behind Conjoint is to "discover" trade offs.

Simulated Concept choices should never be '0'.

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