Gap/Perception Plot - Details

What is the Gap/Perception Plot?

In a Side-By-Side Matrix question, the Gap/Perception Plot can be used to visually represent all the analytical data in one single chart. The details of one dimension (Importance etc.) is plotted on the Y axis and the details of the second dimension is plotted on the X axis.

Can I see and example and interpretation of the Gap/Perception Plot?

In this example

Survey Software Help Image
Customer Service Top Left Quadrant High Importance / Low Satisfaction
Product Packaging Bottom Left Quadrant Low Importance / Low Satisfaction
On-Time Arrival Right Middle Quadrant Mid Importance / High Satisfaction
As is obvious and evident, the most optimal issues to focus are on the "Top/Left" Quadrant -- High Importance/Low Satisfaction and then move counter-clockwise.

How is this different than a regular "rating/satisfaction" scale?

Lets take the above example -- Even though "Product Packaging" has a lower Satisfaction Score here, it's obvious from the chart that it's of lower importance than "Customer Service" -- This XY-Scatter Plot captures both the satisfaction and importance dimension in the same chart visually.

How do I access the Gap/Perception Plot?

    Go to:
    • Login »  Surveys »  Analytics »  Choice Modelling »  GAP Analysis
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Select the question to analyze from the drop-down menu available
  • Click on Next Step, and the GAP analysis charts will appear.
  • You may download the charts in Excel, PowerPoint or Pirnt or Email

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