Automated Email Batches | Automated Import Tool

How Automated Email Batches Works

With Automated Email Batches, you can send an email (in appropriate format) to our server. Our server reads your email and automatically distributes the survey to a list of people attached to the email.

How to get the email address for a list?

Go To:

  1. Login » Surveys » Send » Email » Lists
  2. Survey Software Help Image
  3. Click on the email list
  4. Survey Software Help Image
  5. Click on the Global Options on the right hand side corner
  6. Survey Software Help Image
  7. Click on the Automated Import Tool link. In the popup you will get the email address for emailing. Note down this email address.
    Survey Software Help Image

I have the email address. How to send automated emails?

Send an email with attached CSV file to the given email address. The format of the CSV file should be according to the instructions given on CSV File Format for Email Distribution.

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