Respondent Access - Terms and Conditions

Project Responsibilities

  • Provide the survey methodology, survey design, and qualifying questions syntax to Survey Analytics.
  • Test and approve the survey prior to Survey Analytics launching to targeted respondents.
  • Collection of the survey response data and all survey data analysis and other data interpretation/presentation work.
  • Client is not permitted to collect any panel member's personal information such as, but not limited to, name, email address, physical address, phone number, etc. without written notice or prior approval from Survey Analytics.
  • Survey Analytics will provide ongoing monitoring of fielding, including completion, disqualify and overquota.

Process And Guidelines

  1. Personal information

    Survey Analytics does not permit the collection of any personal identifiable data from the Panel on the part of the client or its affiliates. Personal identifiable information includes, but is not limited to, names, addresses, and telecommunications numbers.

  2. No Recruitment

    Recruitment or present or future direct contact with the panel members by the client or their affiliates or agents is strictly prohibited. In the event client desires feedback, clarification or additional information from a particular record or data point, the client is not permitted to follow up directly with panelists by any means, but must direct all such requests for information directly to Survey Analytics.

  3. Assistance Requests

    All assistance requests initiated by respondents must be directed to or any other email address as directed by Survey Analytics. Survey Analytics will then provide prompt attention to all such requests.

  4. Incentives

    All Panel incentives will be processed and distributed by Survey Analytics or its panel partners. Panel members are compensated in a variety of ways . cash, paypal, points, online gift certificates, drawings, etc.

Survey Launch

  1. Pre-Fielding Test

    Survey Analytics will conduct pre-fielding test before each launch. This process helps ensure URL tracking information and data collection systems are functioning properly.

  2. Launch

    Upon completion of the test, client will provide Survey Analytics with final approval to deploy sample. Data collection will commence immediately.

Field Monitoring

  1. Survey Analytics Report Memo

    At the end of the first field day, a project manager will provide the client with an activity report of the fielding results. This report will include statistics on invitations sent, reminders, and the overall incidence rate. Survey Analytics will also make recommendations to the client, in the event the incidence rate is below expectation or an anomaly is discovered.

  2. Data Collection Timeline

    Survey Analytics will make a best effort (via reminders, memo recommendations, survey adjustments, and re-samplings) to achieve the client's data collection goal. If, following these efforts, the survey continues to perform poorly, Survey Analytics reserves the right to discontinue data collection or make adjustments to the CPI accordingly. and charge the client for cost incurred to date. A survey is deemed to have performed poorly when it falls under at least one of the following scenarios:

    • Low incidence rate (<5%)
    • High terminate/complete ratio
    • High dropout rate
  3. Pricing and incidence

    All cost and deliverability commitments will be provided in the client's sample quote. If more than 10% of qualified respondents do not complete the survey for any reason, feasibility may change. All commitments are based on the projected incidence rate reflected in the quote. If the incidence rate falls below the lowest project incidence OR if additional qualifying criteria are added, Survey Analytics reserves the right to adjust pricing and feasibility.

  4. Terms of Payment

    Client agrees to pay 50% of the total project cost to Survey Analytics. The balance is due immediately, upon receiving final deliverables, or at the completion of data collection.

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