• August, 2020Surveys

    Block Looping

    Dynamically repeat a block of questions multiple times for a respondent based on their answers to previous questions.

  • Answer Display Order - Flip Options

    When conducting research, it is very important to reduce or eliminate any bias that may be introduced due to how the survey is set up. You can now set the answer display order to flip alternatingly for respondents to collect unbiased data.

  • August, 2020CX

    Share Dashboard

    Allow other segment's owners to access your dashboard to share a static view of your reports with them

  • August, 2020Workforce

    Scoring Model

    With the help of a custom scoring model you will be able to set your scale points to uncover more insightful opinions on a topic.

  • August, 2020Mobile App

    Push Notification

    Using Push Notifications, the administrator will now have the ability to send notification from the web to one or multiple devices that are using the offline app. It will be an easier way of notifying the users to run a sync, update the application or even send custom messages without having to use any other mode of communication.

  • July, 2020Surveys

    Sliders - Start Position

    Slider rating scales allow researchers to create rating scales with a wide range of selection. While traditional slider scales start at the left, setting slider start position allows you to negate the bias introduced by starting the slider scale always on the left. With slider start position setting, now you can start the slider position anywhere on your rating scale.

  • Managing Multilingual Survey Distribution

    We have enhanced our email templates to support languages. It's now super easy to manage multilingual survey projects. With multilingual email lists and templates, distribution as well as data collection is simplified and only takes a few steps.

  • Bipolar Matrix Slider

    We have enhanced our bipolar matrix slider input question. The scale starts at the center now instead of left. We have added option to customize colors for the positive and negative ratings.

  • Cross Tabulation - UI Revamp

    We have enhanced the user experience for cross-tabulation reports. This will aid users to generate cross-tabulation reports for multiple questions in rows and columns at once.

  • July, 2020Communities

    PayPal Integration - Rewards

    Integrate with PayPal to support transfer of gift card amounts to the members PayPal wallet directly.

  • July, 2020CX

    Workflow - Auto Reminders

    Automate the process of sending reminders with CX Workflow

  • Disposition Metrics

    Get survey and segment wise Email and SMS distribution statistics

  • July, 2020Workforce

    Workforce - Ask

    Schedule weekly questions for your team via the Pulse app.

  • June, 2020Surveys

    Block Flow

    Block flow provides an overview of the order in which respondents will answer the survey. This includes logic and randomization as well. You can not only get an overview, but also modify the flow, set up complex logic and randomization.

  • SAML Authentication: SP Initiated SSO

    We have enhanced our SAML authentication SSO to support SP initiated SSO, you can now easily login into your QuestionPro account via SSO button on your QuestionPro login portal or a unique URL assigned to your QuestionPro organization.

  • GDPR: Data Rights Request

    We have added a new functionality under GDPR compliance with the help of which the respondents located in Europe can raise a data rights request for the survey owner and the survey owner can honor the requests by contacting the requestor.

  • User Roles & Permissions

    We have added new functionality for the administrators to create new custom user roles for their QuestionPro organization which will help them to manage the access levels for all the users present under their QuestionPro organization.

  • Bulk Add Users

    We have enhanced the process of adding users under your QuestionPro organization with the help of which you can add multiple users in one go. Also, you can specify the user's role and team while adding the users.

  • Survey Dashboard - right-to-left language support

    We have updated the dashboard to support all right-to-left (RTL) languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Persian etc.

  • Survey Languages

    Added support for two new languages, respondents can now answer surveys in Punjabi and Uzbek.

  • HotSpot Analysis - Multingual support

    We have added multiple language support to Hotspot analysis question type. Survey creator can now filter the HotSpot analysis report by different languages

  • June, 2020Mobile App

    Custom Smiley Support

    The offline app now supports customized smileys that are added in the surveys. You can have different sets of smileys as per your requirement.

  • Face Detection in Kiosk mode

    With face detection activated in a kiosk mode, the specified survey will jumpstart as soon as the device's camera detects a face.

  • June, 2020Communities

    Notification Panel Update

    New design implemented for the notification panel on the member portal. Icons will be displayed based on the type of notification.

  • June, 2020CX

    Email Report Scheduler

    Get the Raw data report in your inbox daily/weekly. Set up a scheduler once and get the report automatically

  • June, 2020Workforce

    Workforce - Ask

    Weekly schedule your questions to everyone via the Pulse app.

  • May, 2020Surveys

    Create and share Datapad

    You can now create a static datasets to analyze data in statistical tools like Jamovi and Rstudio and post-back data and images in the datapad.

  • Weighting & Balancing

    You can now get rid of the sample bias and get more accurate analysis using weighting and balancing.

  • Customize the colors for your smiley rating scale

    You can now choose colors for the smiley scale to match your brand colors or preferences.

  • May, 2020Communities

    Hide Comments to avoid bias

    You can now hide comments on Topics to avoid the members getting influenced by seeing other members comments.

  • Like/Dislike Comments on Idea board & Topics

    Support for Like & Dislike comment on Topics.

  • Document Attachment Support on Topics

    Support for document attachment on Topics. You can now attach a document with topic.

  • Category wise filter on Topics

    Support to filter the topics by category for different member segments using filters.

  • May, 2020Workforce

    Stack Report

    You can now download multiple PDFs in one go with Stack Report. All you need to do is select the demographics and download reports.

  • April, 2020Surveys

    Folder Share

    You can share folders within your organization and team easily in one go with enhanced UI. Also, use folders to provide secure access or limit access to surveys within your organization.

  • April, 2020CX

    B2B CX - CC on Survey invitations

    With B2B CX implementation, you can now CC customer relationship executives on Customer survey inviations for easier follow up and response tracking. A transaction owner can also log in to a portal to view the details of your transactions

  • NPS Comparison

    You can now compare the NPS of your segment with another segment(s) in the same hierarchy.

  • March, 2020Surveys

    Custom Smileys

    Delight your respondents with custom smileys! You can now customize your smiley rating question. Either choose from our professionally designed smiley sets or upload your own smileys. All custom smileys are fully supported online as well as in our offline mobile app.

  • Customize, Filter and Export text data in real time!

    Text Analysis dashboard has been enhanced to support real time data filtering and export capabilities. We have also added the ability to customize the look and feel of the report.

  • March, 2020Communities

    Compund Filter Enhancement

    Added support to filter out members based on the Survey/Poll option selected in the campaign batch or quick poll. > Question>Option.

  • Maximum Points configuration for Topics & Idea board

    Community Managers can now configure maximum points for a week and a day as well now. This will increase the activity of members on portal.

  • March, 2020CX

    Transactional Survey language

    Specify survey language for each transaction or choose a language before sending a survey to a batch

  • Recurring reminders

    Set up a recurring survey reminder once and save time by avoiding repeated logins

  • Increased custom variables

    Add as many as 50 custom values to a transaction instead of 20(supported previously)

  • Downlaod Kickback

    Get a downloadable list of transactions which failed during the import process due to invalid email address

  • March, 2020Workforce

    Lifecycle Rules for On-boarding and Exit Survey

    Automate you on-boarding and exit survey distribution.

  • Workforce UltiPro Integration

    Sync your employee roster with UltiPro integration.

  • February, 2020Surveys

    New Logic

    Logic is now more powerfull and easy to use! We have added support for unlimited branching conditions and criteria. Added support for logic based on N of M selected, questions answered or not, as well as questions displayed or not and much more.

  • Custom Scale Library

    Now save frequently used answer options/scales to your custom scale library. Custom scales are shared accross your organization and have full multilingual support!

  • RegEx Validation

    Apply custom pattern validation for your text input questions with our RegEx Validation tool. Custom validation allows you to ensure that user information is entered properly.

  • Welcome Email

    Greet your QuestionPro users with a personalized welcome email as soon as they sign up on QuestionPro.

  • Auto-submit response (Hide submit button)

    Enable auto-submit on your surveys. Submit button will be hidden and response is auto-submitted making the surveys easier to answer and also that much more fun!

  • Add custom fields to contact information question

    You can now add custom fields for data collection on a contact information type question and also order these fields as required.

  • Hot Spot Analysis

    Use the Hot Spot question type to gather feedback on images. Respondents can provide their feedback on the predefined region of the image.

  • February, 2020Communities

    My Profile

    We have merged My Accounts, My Profiles & My Badges into a single screen. Single click to access all the 3 modules.

  • February, 2020CX

    Single Portal Login

    Manage the dashboard and closed-loop of all the segments through a single portal login. A Segment switcher on the top helps the user to switch between multiple segments

  • Tracker Widget

    View a trend on Satisfaction or any custom question for varied frequencies - weekly, monthly, and quarterly

  • February, 2020Workforce

    Alternate email address for exit survey

    Send out an exit survey to the alternate email address of terminated employees.

  • Custom Marker and Building Block

    Create your own categories and sub categories for questions in your survey.

  • Employee Portal Access - Global Rule

    Create generic access rule for employees by globally enabling/disabling the menu for the portal.

  • January, 2020Surveys

    Page Timer

    Add a page timer question to manage and track time for individual pages on quizzes or tests.

  • CCPA Compliance

    Make your survey compliant to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in a few simple steps.

  • January, 2020Mobile APP

    Device Variables

    Pass additional data to your offline devices that will help in analysing your data, variables like date, time, city, region device type etc. can be passed along and saved with the responses to analyse or filter data further.

  • January, 2020Communities

    Portal Dashboard

    Added support for images on modules on the Dashboard. Image carousel is not supported with limit of 4 images.

  • My Accounts

    We have merged My Accounts, My Profiles & My Badges into a single screen. Single click to access all the 3 modules.

  • January, 2020CX

    Closed loop

    Get an overview of detractor tickets and manage them conviniently. Use necessary filters for a more relevant view with an ability to download the tickets in excel file

  • NPS+

    Know your NPS score along with the major root causes. On the top of it, You can get your customers vote on each other's comments which in turn can be an amazing ideation platform. All this combined within one single question - NPS+

  • January, 2020Workforce

    Workforce PDF Export Engine

    Download PDF report by applying/saving multiple filters on the dashboard

  • Employee Portal Access - Multi-select Demographic

    Select multiple fields in a demographic to create portal access rule for an employee.

  • December, 2019Surveys

    Block Randomizer

    Randomly assign the blocks of a survey to the respondents to avoid order bias.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Find out the exact sentiment behind the comments provided by your respondents and find out the root cause of the sentiment by drilling down to the tagged comments. You can even create the sentiment analysis reports based on Data Filters for better analysis.

  • Card Sorting

    Sort and rank answer options into different categories. In closed card sorting, respondents will sort and rank answer options into pre-defined categories. In open card sorting, respondents will create their own categories.

  • Survey Dashboard UI Updated

    We have updated the look and feel for the dashboard report and made it look modern. New UI also matches your survey theme.

  • Net Promoter Score - New Scales

    We have updated the NPS question type to support additional rating scales. Default scale is a 0-10 point scale. New scales added are 1-10, 1-7, and 1-5 point scales.

  • Multilingual Scale Library

    Our scale library for answer options was available in English. We have added support for additional languages and now the library is available in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Arabic. We will continue adding support for more languages.

  • Tubepulse

    User can analyze the sentiment of audio media files. We have supported debug mode for slider and cue point data-collection types and enhanced reporting for tubepulse questiontype.

  • Van Westendorp

    We have changed the answer input type from slider to numeric text box with a range. There is validation for price. Enhanced reports provide a user with the area highlighted for the acceptable price range.

  • Quota Notification

    With this setting, the survey admin will receive a notification in the form of an email once the survey response quota has reached the limit.

  • Cross Tabulation

    We have added advanced tests like fisher's exact test for 2*2 matrix, column proportion test to understand if the columns are significantly different, row & column percentage-based significance and mean.

  • Bulk PDF Export

    Users can now download PDF files for individual survey responses in bulk.

  • Respondent Anonymity Assurance

    QuestionPro Respondent Anonymity Assurance can now be enabled from survey settings without having to contact support.

  • December, 2019 Communities

    Profile Cross Tabs

    Community Manager can now analyze the survey responses and profile fields data using cross tabulation. We have also included Pearsons chi square analysis.

  • Email Notifications for Topics & Idea Board Activities

    Topics & Ideas author will receive an email for activities on the Topic or Idea. Commenters will also receive an email when there is a reply on their comment

  • December, 2019 Workforce

    Sub-Accounts Sharing Workforce

    Workforce sub-accounts user can now share their workforce with the main account and other sub-account users.

  • November, 2019Surveys

    Survey Blocks

    Manage your surveys easily by adding blocks in your surveys. You can also apply randomization to the questions within a block.

  • Bipolar matrix reporting

    Enhanced reporting for bipolar matrix question type.

  • Map Question Type

    We have added support for Austria, UAE & Saudi Arabia.

  • Report Labels

    If you have long question and/or answer text in your surveys, now you can use short text instead. This helps make the reports easily readable and charts are easier to understand.

  • Date Validation

    Enhanced date validation to support multiple operators, you can now set validation to be within, greater than, less than, between or equal to a particular date.

  • Heatmap Analysis

    Enhanced heatmap analysis allow users to differentiate the part of image that receive most attention from the part of image that receives less attention.

  • November, 2019Communities

    Languages - Upload Bulk Translations

    Community Manager will now be able to upload translations for multiple languages by uploading excel file. Languages module has also been revamped,

  • Custom Portal Notifications

    Added support for custom portal notifications. Customize portal notifications based on the Community purpose.

  • November, 2019CX

    Push metrics - Schedule email report for CX dashboard

    CX dashboard Users can now receive dashboard widgets on email. Push metrics enables the account admin to configure a weekly email report for all the segment managers. The managers will get to view the data for their respective segments

  • November, 2019Workforce

    Multi-select Filters for Dashboard

    Apply multiple filters on the dashboard to view the data as per your requirement.

  • Trends 2.0

    Compare your result of multiple surveys in a single dashboard. You can now create your own widget to view and compare the results over time.

  • October, 2019Surveys

    New Salesforce Integration

    Connect a single survey with multiple Salesforce objects to pull and post data to Salesforce.

  • October, 2019CX

    Portal 1.0 - Share dashboard

    Customer experience admin users can now share one or more dashboards with the segment managers.

    The managers will be able to view the shared dashboard on their portals with data relevant to their segment.

  • Unsubscribe customers

    With QuestionPro CX, you can unsubscribe the customers which are already present in the system. This feature enables you to unsubscribe a bunch of customers at a time so that they do not receive any emails even if they are present in any transaction list.

    You can also unsubscribe the customers while sending the reminders to already existing batches.

  • October, 2019Workforce

    Employee Portal Theme

    Customize your employee portal to exactly match your brands look and feel.

  • October, 2019Communities

    Multiple Images support for Idea post

    Create an Idea with multiple images and these will be displayed in a slider with thumbnails. Extended the limit of images to 4 images/idea.

  • September, 2019Surveys

    Smiley rating scales are now editable

    Adjust the order of rating scale of the smiley question as per your requirements.

  • Response Viewer - Hide columns

    Now, hide columns that are not so frequently used in the response viewer and focus only on the important ones.

  • September, 2019CX

    Redefined access for Sub-account users

    Sub-account users now has access to below features on shared feedbacks:

    1. Edit survey

    2. Add customers/transactions to the system

    3. Send survey

    4. Send reminder

    5. Analytics

    6. Action - closed loop

    Admin setting is a restricted feature for sub-account users.

  • September, 2019Communities

    Schedule Emails based on account time zone

    Admin will now be able to schedule emails based on its account time zone.

  • August, 2019Surveys

    Other option for Rank Order

    User can now add 'other' option with dynamic comment for rank order and drag & drop question type.

  • August, 2019Communities

    Tango Gift card support added for Ebay

    Admin will now be able to add inventory of Ebay gift cards. Members will be able to earn Ebay gift cards and redeem it for purchases on

  • Email notifications for low reward inventory

    Configure the quantity which triggers an email notification for Admin to top up the rewards.

  • Compound Filters

    Admin will now be able to create compound filters by selecting existing filters and adding different criterias to it.

  • Multi-Lingual Polls

    Added support for multi-lingual polls.

  • August, 2019Workforce

    Rule Based Portal Access

    Admin will now be able to create rules for his employees to view the data in the employee portal.

  • July, 2019Surveys

    Usage Dashboard

    Get complete insights about how different members or teams of your org are using QuestionPro. Drill down to the exact usage of a specific team or user with the help of new filters.

  • Max-Diff analysis

    Users can now add images and format answer options using rich text editor. User can now download SPSS report for Max-Diff analysis along with excel report.

  • November, 2019Mobile App

    Heatmap question type

    Heatmap is now a supported question type on offline app

  • Date Validation

    Enhanced date validation to support multiple operators, you can now set validation to be within, greater than, less than, between or equal to a particular date.

  • Tubepulse

    User can analyze the sentiment of audio media files. We have supported debug mode for slider and cue point data-collection types and enhanced reporting for tubepulse questiontype.

  • Map question type

    We have added map support for Austria, UAE and Saudi Arabia

  • RTL support

    Offline app now has RTL support for matrix questions

  • October, 2019Mobile App

    Ability to play video on full screen

    Users now have the ability to play videos on full screen

  • September, 2019Mobile App

    Support for CSAT question

    Offline app now supports CSAT question as well

  • Export response in pdf

    Users can now export the current responses as pdf from the review response page.

  • August, 2019Mobile App

    Sync only Completed responses

    User can now choose to sync only completed responses.

  • Ability to minimize sync screen

    User can now minimize the sync screen and continue to take new surveys while sync is in process.

  • July, 2019Mobile App

    Edit responses offline

    We have added the ability to edit responses that are collected offline before syncing.

  • July, 2019CX

    CX Dashboard 2.0

    CX Dashboard is now enhanced with a better accessibility, added functionalities and enriched look. You can now enjoy using the new features added to the dashboard. It includes:

    1. Global filters

    2. Defined themes

    3. Monthly tracker widget

    4. Various chart types

    5. Chart customizations

  • From Email address - Thank you email

    Users can now mention the email address and name from which they wish to send the Thank you email.

  • June, 2019Surveys

    Data Quality

    Use our Data Quality tool to identify responses with poor text data and exclude them from analysis to ensure you are making decisions based on the best data possible.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Analyze the open-ended responses given by the respondents in detail, to know the actual sentiment behind the textual data.

  • Marketo Integration

    Create a new lead or update an existing one in your Marketo account as you receive a new response to your QuestionPro survey.

  • June, 2019Workforce

    Custom Scorecard

    Custom scorecard will allow you to create your own scorecard by grouping together measures (questions) of different markers and building blocks.

  • Benchmark

    This will help comparing the key metrics of the business processes or the performance of a company’s products, services, or processes against those of another business considered to be the best in the industry/ class.

  • May, 2019Surveys

    HTML Question and Answer Embedding

    Embed the first question of your survey in the email invite so that the respondent can start answering the survey from the email itself.

  • May, 2019Workforce

    Driver Analysis

    Driver analysis helps you identify the words, behaviors, actions, values, and beliefs that are driving success in your organization.

  • Workforce FTP Integration

    FTP Sync gives you another way to import/update your employee roster along with the demographic details and status.

  • April, 2019Surveys

    Custom Variable based ABBS

    Prevent a respondent to answer a single survey multiple times based on the data present in the custom variable for that respondent.

  • April, 2019CX

    Dashboard 2.0 - Custom variables

    CX dashboard now has global filters for custom variables in the system. Global here stands for the fact that all the widgets on the dashboard gets filtered according to the options chosen in the filter.

  • Edit/Delete scheduled invites

    You can now edit the date and time of a scheduled invite in CX. Also, deletion of the same is possible now. Just simply go to Deploy>>Scheduled Invites to view the list of scheduled invites and perform the edit/delete operations.

  • CX - Workflow

    Send multiple surveys from a single data file. You can configure rules based on which different surveys will be sent out to different customers from one data file.

  • March, 2019Surveys

    Correlation Analysis

    New and improved correlation analysis with cell highlights to understand the strength of the relationship between two variables.

  • Multilingual Surveys

    New and improved languages page interface with added image support for multilingual surveys.

  • SAML SSO for Take Survey

    Authenticate your respondents via SAML single sign-on to prevent the hassle.

  • March, 2019CX

    Sentiment and root cause analysis

    With Sentiment analysis, the users will be able to analyse the text responses. This feature provides following abilities:

    1. View top-most keywords amongst all the responses

    2. Drill down on a particular keyword

    3. Mute irrelevant keywords

    4. Manage keywords - Merge two or more keywords

    5. Filter detractors, promoters or neutral keywords

  • February, 2019Surveys

    Request Response - Validation

    Request response (soft validation) will remind respondents to answer a question if they have skipped it so that the respondent can go back and answer the question before they proceed to the next page.

  • Zapier Integration

    Now integrate 1000+ apps to QuestionPro without any development via Zapier.

  • January, 2019Surveys

    SMS Surveys

    Deploy the survey invitations not only via email but with SMS too.

  • New and Improved response viewer

    Searching, viewing and editing responses has been made a lot more easier with the updated design & with the added ability to search by respondents email address.

  • Numerical Binning

    Numerical binning makes grouping numerical data easier. Histogram makes the analysis of grouped numerical data effective and efficient.

  • January, 2019CX

    Redefined access for Sub-account users

    Sub-account users now has access to below features on shared feedbacks:

    1. Edit survey

    2. Add customers/transactions to the system

    3. Send survey

    4. Send reminder