Branching to terminate survey

For some surveys, you may be interested only in a specific type of respondents to take the survey. For instance, if the survey is for women’s shopping experience, you may only want female respondents to complete the survey. In such cases, you can set up branching to terminate the survey for male respondents.

How do I set up branching?

To setup branching to terminate the survey, follow the below steps:

  • Go to: Login » Surveys (select a survey) » Edit
  • Add a question to apply branching (e.g. select gender)
  • Click on logic of the desired question; by default skip logic tab is open
  • Under “if selected, jump to question”, select terminate survey option from drop down
  • Click on save question logic to set up branching to terminate logic.
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Can I set up a custom message for respondents who terminate survey?

Yes. Once branching to terminate survey is enabled, go to: finish options.

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Here you can edit terminated respondent message with a customized message. Be sure to save changes to apply any updated messages.

Terminated respondent message option will be available only if branching to terminate survey is enabled. Respondents who select terminate option will be saved as incomplete responses in the database.


This feature is available with the following licenses:

Professional, Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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