What is Extraction

Extraction logic

Extraction enables you to display the selected options of a multi-select question as answer options of the next question.

If the respondent selects options AOL and Earthlink for question 1, and simple extraction to a matrix table has been enabled, then the extracted question (question 2) will display only the options selected by the respondent. This makes the survey a better experience for the respondent and makes the data more valid for the researcher, since the respondent is not having to provide answers about items they have not used. This is how the extracted question will look:

How can I set up extraction?

To set up extraction go to :

    • Login »  Surveys »  Edit
  1. Hover over the question you want to extract answers from and click on Logic icon.
  2. Click Extraction.
  3. For a select many question, select the extraction type:
    1. Simple Extraction: Target question will display selected options.
    2. Reverse Extraction: Target question will display options that were not selected.
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    For both types of questions, select Extract to Question Type. You can extract a multi-select question into the following question types:

  1. Multiple Choice

    Single Select

    Multi Select


  2. Text

    Single Row

    Multiple Row

    Numeric Input

    Email Address

  3. Ordering

    Rank Order

    Drag and Drop

    Constant Sum

  4. Rating


  5. Matrix

    Single Select

    Multi Select


  6. Slider



Click Save Logic.

Can I re-order the extracted question?

Yes. It is possible to re-order the extracted question to anywhere in the survey after the source question (The question from which you extract). However, once you re-order the extracted question you will need to set up branching logic on the source question to go to the appropriate question. Please see the branching help link under Additional References.

Can I extract answer options from a matrix question?

Yes, matrix extraction is also available. You would have to select the options that you want to include in the extraction

How many criterias can I add in a logic?

You can add upto 5 criterias in a logic.

Note: Extraction Logic is not supported on QuestionPro or SurveyPocket Offline App.

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Corporate Edition and above- Buy Now - $75/Month

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