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The total number of email addresses that you can send mails (via QuestionPro) is limited by your license. Currently the following limits apply :

License LevelEmail Address Limit
Free Basic100
The email address limit is for your account and includes email lists for all Surveys. This limit is NOT for individual Surveys but across all Surveys.

Can I get an extension on this limit? Can the limit be extended for additional fees?

Due to the large volume of SPAM issues, QuestionPro will not allow users to upload more than 100,000 emails. This limit cannot be extended under any circumstances. We do not allow more than 100,000 email addresses / account as we believe that it could materially impact our business. QuestionPro is in the business of hosting surveys and email marketing campaigns for self-service clients. However, many time users take advantage of the self-service offering and upload purchased or rented lists. This is a violation not only of our Terms of Service but also the CAN-SPAM Act. In order to enforce our interest we are no longer allowing self-service maintenance of lists larger than 100,000 email addresses.

Is the 100,000 limit for a single list?

No - This is the Total Number of Email Addreses in your QuestionPro account.

Where can I see all my email lists?

Go To:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Send »  Email Management »  Email list

Will deleting email lists/addresses affect already collected data?

Deleting email list will delete all email addresses contained in that list. If you have sent the survey to an email list and if you delete the email list then respondents can still take the survey however, tracking will not work if the email list is deleted.

Data that has already been collected will not be affected in any way if the email list is deleted.

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