Data Quality - Duplicate texts across responses

How will duplicate texts across responses module work?

Once you enable the duplicate texts across responses module, quality check will be done against the responses which have multiple row text questions or comment questions. If the respondents answer is an exact match to answer of other respondent, then we will allow the first response to pass the quality check and flag the subsequent responses with same answers.

How do I enable duplicate texts across responses module of data quality for a survey?

Go to: Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Analytics » Manage Data

Under Manage Data, select Data Quality option.

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Enable Data Quality and enable duplicate texts across responses module.

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Where can I see the responses that are flagged?

Go to: Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Analytics » Responses

Under Responses, click on Response ID with flag Icon

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How do I unflag a response?

If you think the response should not have been flagged, you can unflag the response by clicking on the Response ID. Navigate to the data quality tab. This view will have the question, answer and the reason for flagging the response. Click on the Unflag Response button. Once the unflagging is done the flag icon will disappear in the response viewer.

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Can I flag a response that I unflagged earlier?

To flag the response, click on Response ID. Navigate to data quality tab. Click on Flag Response button. Once the response is flagged, it will appear under Flagged Responses tab in audience view and in surveys, flag icon will appear with Response ID which has been flagged.

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This feature is available with the following license:


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