Email List Export - How to?

How can I export/ download email addresses from my email list?

You can download the entire list, also you can download the email addresses for Active/ Unsubscribed/ Bounced status. To access this option:

  • Go to:
    • Login »  Surveys »  Send »  Email Management »  Email list
  • Under Manage Email Lists, you can click on the number links under the key statistics column.
  • In the Popup you can see the email addresses. To download click on the Download link.
  • To download only specific versions of the list, click the list name.
  • Click the Download link next to any of the types of sub-lists created by the system (active, unsubscribed, pending verification, or bounced).
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How can I access the generated file?

The generated file will be emailed to the Account Email address. You can also download it from:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Analytics »  Data Management »  Download Center

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