Add Logo To Survey

Adding a logo is a great way to brand your survey and make sure respondents know that the survey is coming from you.

How to add a logo to the survey?

You can add logo for your surveys. Go to: Edit ยป Workspace

Click on the Add Logo button.

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This will open a popup. You can drag and drop the logo/image file on the popup or click to upload logo.
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The image will be uploaded and set as logo for the survey. By default, the logo is center aligned.
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How can I change or remove the logo?

Once you have uploaded the logo, click on the edit icon for the logo. In the drop down options, you can click on change to change the logo or remove to remove the logo.

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You can also change the alignment for the logo. Simply select any of the alignment option you wish and click to align.

How to resize the logo?

Click on the logo and you will see handles for dragging and resizing the logo. Drag to the desired size and the changes will get saved. Clicking on reset will reset the logo to the original image size.

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This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Professional and above

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