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Custom Dashboards

A Custom Dashboards is a visual display of responses to your survey. Custom Dashboard gives you facility to filter the survey responses on the basis of various options.

How to add custom dashboards ?

Go To: Login >> Survey >> Reports >> Dashbaord >> Report Settings

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  • Turn the options on as required and select the options you require.
    • Select Map: Select the map you wish to display on the dashboard.
    • Toggle the below options on or off:
      • Word Cloud: To display an image composed of words used in a particular text or subject, in which the size of each word indicates its frequency or importance. It will be based on your open ended text
      • Time Series: It will display a chart graph based on the time series of when the response was captured
      • Show Device Data: It displays device data, that is with device was used to take the survey.
      • Show Statistic: It displays the overall statistics of the survey that is number of viewed, started, completed, etc.
      • Display Question Number: It displays the question number in the Dashboard report.
      • Show Statistical Calculations: It displays calculation like mean, deviation, standard error etc.
      • Show Charts: It displays charts to represent the calculation like bar graph, pie chart etc.
      • Show Answer Options Data Table: It displays the answer options of the question like option1, option2 etc
      • Show Answer Options With No Data You can decide to display the question with no data or vice versa
      • Rollup Matrix Data: This is mostly used for matrix type question. It rolls up the individual report of a matrix question.
      • Include Text Questions: You can decide if text questions need to be added in the report or not.
      • Include Presentation Text QuestionsSome questions in the survey are only for headings. You can opt to display it or not.
    • Question Display: Select the questions which you wish to display
    • Answer Options Display: Select the answer options which you wish to display
    • Answer Sort Order
  • Click on Save Settings


This feature is available with the following licenses:

Free, Professional, Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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