Automatic page break

If there is no page break for the question on which logic is applied, the logic will not work in desired manner. Hence, automatic page break is triggered when you apply logic for any question ensuring its smooth functioning.

How do I get an automatic page break?

To get an automatic page break:

  • Go to: Login » Surveys (select a survey) » Edit.
  • Add questions to your survey.
  • Apply logic for the desired questions.
  • Once you save the logic, you will see an automatic page break (automatic logic break) below the question on which logic is applied.
  • Survey Software Help Image

Which logic types support automatic page break?

  • Skip logic
  • Compound/delayed branching
  • Quota control

Can I remove automatic page break?

No, you cannot remove it. It is mandatory if you wish to apply any of the above logic.

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