Complete Feature Set

The following Features / Tools are available with the Complete Feature Set:

  • Standard Question Types: You can access all Standard Question Types and use them in your survey.
    • Multiple Choice Single / Multiple Select Question type (Radio Buttons / Check Boxes) [Horizontal Alignment / Vertical Alignment / Drop-Down / Select Menu]
    • Open Ended Text type
    • Matrix Table type
    • Presentation / Heading Text type
    • Constant Sum type
    • Rank Order type
    • Date type
  • Email List Management / Address Book: You can upload email addresses and distribute your Survey using our Email List Management Tool
    • Survey Tracking Link in case you want to track respondents.
    • Anonymous Survey Link.
    • Short Survey URL - You can post the survey on your web site / blog or distribute the link via chat.
    • Address Book for uploading and sending emails
  • Basic Reports: You will have access to all the Basic Reporting tools such as:
    • Real Time Summary Reports
    • Open Ended Text Reports
    • Participant Statistics
    • Excel / CSV file Export

With our Complete Feature / Tool set you can successfully conduct a basic survey project

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