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What is Mobile CX?

Mobile CX is a solution that we provide to customers for integrating surveys in their mobile application (Andriod and IOS).

How to create a Mobile CX?

To create Mobile CX, go to: Login >> CX >> Add Touchpoint >> Mobile

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  • Enter the Touchpoint name and click on Add Touchpoint
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Mobile touchpoint will be created with one question. You may edit the survey here.
  • Go to Mobile >> Targeting Rules
  • Set the Targeting Rules as follows:
    • Auto Close Popup: If you enable this option, Popup will close automatically in 4 seconds after survey ends.
    • Dialog: If you enable this option, Survey will be displayed in a dialog
    • Request limit before triggering first survey popup Enter the count of after how many visits should the survey be shown to the customer.
    • Max Survey Invitations: Enter how many times the survey should be shown to the returning visitor.
    • Request Interval:After the survey is shown the first time, when should it be shown the next time.
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  • Click on Save
  • Go to Mobile >> Integration
  • Provide the IOS or Andriod links to your developer so that this survey can be set up in their app.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • API Key is a unique key for each account.
  • Touchpoint ID is a unique id for each touchpoint.

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