Conjoint- fixed tasks

Fixed tasks refer to the mandatory tasks that are shown to every respondent with concepts that are predefined by the survey administrator.

The benefits of fixed tasks: This allows you to create a series of customized concepts using the features and attributes. The fixed tasks will then be shown alongside the random or d-optimal design concepts generated by the algorithm.

For example: If the task count is set to 2 and the concepts per task are set to 2 and then one fixed task is created with 2 custom concepts, then the system will show the single fixed task first before showing the algorithm generated tasks.

How do I add fixed tasks?

To add fixed tasks:

  • Go to:Login » Surveys (select a survey) » Edit
  • Click on the add question.
  • Under add question, select advanced » choice models » conjoint.
  • On conjoint question, click on add fixed tasks.
  • Fill all the fields under task 1.
  • Click on save question.
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How do I delete fixed tasks?

To delete fixed tasks:

  • Click on the add fixed tasks
  • Click on the delete icon
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