Fluid survey connector

Using QuestionPro you can directly integrate with FluidSurveys to automatically port existing surveys into QuestionPro’s platform.

How can I use this feature?

To use this feature please contact our Sales team

What are the supported question types for importing the data?

QuestionPro supports every Fluid Survey question type. This includes:

  • Basic question types as below:
    • Dropdown grid
    • Checkbox
    • Multiple Choice
    • Multiple Choice Grid
    • Matrix and Rating Scale
    • Text Response, Date/ Time
    • Section Heading
    • and more
  • Advanced question types supported include:
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • Max Differential Scale
    • Ranking
    • Semantic Differential
    • Drill Downs
    • Hidden Fields
    • Javascript and more.
  • QuestionPro’s platform also provides advanced question types not supported by FluidSurvey or SurveyMonkey, including :
    • Discrete Choice Conjoint
    • Van Westendorp Pricing and more.

Does QuestionPro support Global Datacenters?

The Enterprise clients have the option to choose where to store their data. They have 3 options to locate their data whether it's in the United States, Canada, or in the Netherlands. To comply with EU and CA regulations - we allow our customers to choose which geographical data centre they want their data to be stored in.

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