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With our free plan you can create and send a survey with up to 10 questions and view up to 100 responses per survey, the free plan includes multiple question types and full rich text editing, reports can be viewed and shared using the dashboard report or infographic report, Advanced features will need an upgrade to a paid license, refer to

How many responses can I collect in a free license?

With the free plan you collect up to 100 responses.

How many email invitations can I send with the free license?

With the free plan you can send up to 100 email invitations.

Will my survey stop collecting data after 100 responses limit is reached?

No, the survey will continue to collect responses, however to access the results of the survey you will have to upgrade your account to a paid license.

Can't I get access to only the first 100 responses without upgrading to a paid license?

No. Once the response limit is exceeded you have to upgrade your license to access the data.

What is the limit of questions in the free license?

For Free licenses, there is a limit of 10 question per survey.

Can I try out the advanced features before purchasing a paid license?

Yes, please contact our sales team to get a 7 day free trial license.

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