FAQ on Offline Payment (Check, Purchase Order etc.)

Can I pay for services by check or a purchase order?

Yes, however your account will only be upgraded after we receive the check. This option IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ANNUAL CORPORATE AND ABOVE LICENSES.

I have to pay via. our Accounts Payable Dept. How do I do that?

Please contact your Account Representative or you can also contact our Sales Department via Email / Online Live Chat Service. An Invoice will be generated for you in your account. You can send your payment along with the copy of the invoice to the following Mailing Address:

Survey Analytics LLC

548 Market St #62790

San Francisco, CA 94104-5401

What are the Terms of Payment?

Account balances must be paid in full before we upgrade your account.

Why can't I pay monthly by check?

With the high cost of check processing fees, it is simply not cost-effective for us to accept checks for monthly licenses.

I am outside the United States -- Can I pay by Check?

Our preferred option would be to pay by Credit Card to avoid issues with exchange rates etc. However, we will accept checks drawn on US banks using US Dollars as currency.

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