Phone Verification

Due to spammers abusing our system, we have implemented the Phone Verification process. You will see the following screen:

Survey Software Help Image

On the Phone Verification screen, please select the country and enter your Phone Number along with area code.

Click on Call me to verify this number or Verify using Live Chat.

After clicking on the option, you will be taken to the below screen, asking to confirm if it is your number.

Survey Software Help Image

Once you confirm your number on this window, you will be shown the below window and one of our representative will contact you.

Survey Software Help Image

How long will the process take?

To immediately complete the phone verification process please click on the Contact Live Chat button. Let the chat representative know your phone number and the verification will be processed immediately. On weekends or holidays, you can send us an email message by clicking on the Submit button. We will contact you during your working hours ASAP.

Phone Verification is a one-time process and, once completed, you can freely send out surveys. Please read the QuestionPro Anti SPAM Policy.

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