qSample - Free Access to Respondents - FAQ

How do I know if I qualify for the free sample offer?

SurveyAnalytics : You must be a new or existing Corporate Monthly License customer

SurveyAnalytics Enterprise : All Enterprise accounts are eligible.

How many respondents get to take my survey under the free offer?

You will receive up to 250 completed surveys.

Do disqualified respondents count as a complete?

Partial Completes: Respondents must complete the survey to be counted as a completed response.

Quota and Termination : This free offer DOES NOT allow you to setup quota control and termination on your surveys.

Who provides the incentives to the participants?

Your free offer also includes incentives we provide to participants for completing your survey. You simply submit your request and we handle the rest. In other words - its really FREE.

How many questions can i have in my survey?

Your survey must be no longer than 10 questions long.

Can I select respondents based on demographic or profile information?

No. This offer applies only to US general population respondents online. Survey participants will consist of a broad mix of age, gender and geography.

Where do you get the respondents?

Participants for your surveys will be coming from the qSample research community - An online consumer panel, recruited and managed by Survey Analytics.

What if I need more respondents to take my survey?

Survey Analytics will provide you with a quote based on the total number of respondents needed, beyond the initial 250 completed surveys.

How is sample priced?

Sample projects are priced on a Cost Per Complete (CPC) basis. This price also includes incentives we provide participants. Please note that profile segmentation, such as age, gender, geography, will affect the price of your sample.

How long do I have to wait to get the data?

Upon confirmation of your account status, sample can be deployed immediately after your submit your request. Survey data can be collected in as little as 24-48 hours, but please allow 2-5 days for complete data collection.

Can I follow up with the respondents?

No. Recruitment or present or future direct contact with the panel members by the customer is strictly prohibited. In the event the customer desires feedback, clarification or additional information from a particular record or data point, the customer is not permitted to follow up directly with panelists by any means, but must direct all such requests for information to Survey Analytics.

Project responsibilities:
  • Provide the appropriate survey link to Survey Analytics
  • Test and approve the survey prior to sample deployment
  • Survey Analytics is not responsible for programming or survey logic errors
Collection of the survey response data:
  • Customer is not permitted to collect any panel member's personal identifiable information

I have more questions. Whom do i contact?

For general inquiries, please send an email to panel-requests [at] surveyanalytics [dot] com

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