Reward Best Practices

What is the best way to distribute a survey with rewards?

We strongly recommend that the survey should be distributed via QuestionPro email management tool, so that it’s easier to track responses. It will also help you to track the reward codes (gift cards) for each respondent under manage rewards.

What happens if we distribute the survey with rewards from a live survey link?

When you distribute the survey with rewards from Live survey link, the data does get captured but you will not be able to track the respondent details. It is an anonymous survey, so all the security levels that have been applied will not work and the respondent can take the survey multiple times.

It is better to have the email address of the respondent tied to the response so in case of the respondent losing their gift card code, you can get it for them from manage rewards page under your account.

If the survey has been distributed via Live survey link, to avoid this situation you can add a question in the survey asking for email address which can be used to track the respondent.

How can we prevent the respondents from taking the survey as well as earn rewards multiple times?

We have an option ABBS(Anti Ballot Box Stuffing) which can be used to restrict the respondent taking the survey multiple times. In this scenario ABBS functionality gets activated as the reward gets added in the survey.

You can follow the steps to check: Settings » Security » Anti Ballot Box Stuffing

How many rewards should you purchase?

If you intend to give out a large number of rewards, it is best to purchase a small amount of rewards and refill when you are close to running out. That way if you don't get the expected number of responses, the rewards don't go waste.

Can I transfer the rewards from one survey to another?

No, the reward added in the survey cannot be transferred from one survey to another. We do not have any option for refund for rewards either.

Is it mandatory to add reward end date?

Yes, it is mandatory to add the reward end date.

How much will I get charged for adding reward in a survey?

You will be charged the total value of gift cards added plus a 5% fulfillment fee.

How is the payment done for reward?

The payment for reward needs to be done while adding reward to the survey. The payment taken is the amount of gift card added in the survey, we charge a fulfillment fee of 5% for adding rewards in the survey.

Can we get a refund of the left out gift card in the survey?

There is no refund for the left out gift cards in the survey. It is best to add few rewards only and keep topping that up in case of falling short.

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