Rich Content Editor

Rich Content Editor is a formatting space where you can change the look and feel of your question and answer text.

There are various predefined formatting options available for customization. Rich content editor also allows you to use custom HTML script, in case point and click options are not available.

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Rich content editor Formats:

  • Increase/Decrease Indent: The distance is increased between the current paragraph (the selected one or the one where the cursor is placed) and the left page margin. Each time you click the Increase Indent button, the left margin increases. The Decrease Indent button reverses Increase Indent operation, so you can apply it only if Increase Indent was already applied to the text. The text moves to the left each time you click the Decrease Indent button on the toolbar.
  • Image: If you want to embed the image in Rich Content Editor, click the Image button.
  • Table: Position your cursor in the document where you want the table inserted and click on the Table button. The Insert Table properties box will open, showing a basic grid pattern as well as traditional menu options in it.
  • Subscript/Superscript: Superscript and Subscript refer to numbers that are positioned slightly higher or slightly lower than the text on the line.
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Can I use HTML in Rich Content Editor?

Yes, you can certainly add HTML code in the Rich Content Editor.

Suppose you need to add in an image in the question text,

  • Click on Edit Tab >> then click on Images option >> upload the image.
  • In the Images section copy the HTML code of the image by hovering over the image.
  • Click on Edit Tab >> click on Work-space option >> then click on the Question Text >> click on "Rich Content Editor" >> then click on source button </> and then paste the HTML code of the image.
  • Click on Save button.
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This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

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