Testing a Communication Template from Salesforce.com

Salesforce.com has a concept of Communication Templates that allow you to create "templates" for emails that you can send via salesforce.com. These email templates can have dynamic code in them, that allow you to email a link to your survey and have the data posted back to Salesforce.com.

What are the steps I should follow to get the data-integration working using Salesforce Communication Templates?

On QuestionPro

  1. Goto :
    • Login »  Surveys »  Integration »  Salesforce
  2. Verify your Salesforce.com connection.
  3. Click on Data-Flow Mapping.
    Survey Software Help Image
  4. Copy the link from one of your mapped surveys.
    Survey Software Help Image

On Salesforce.com

  1. Login to Salesforce.com
    Survey Software Help Image
  2. Click on Setup - Top Right Corner:
  3. Choose Communication Templates -> Email Templates : Create a new Template
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  4. Copy and paste the Salesforce URL - from QuestionPro in the body of the template.
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Now when you want to email a link to the survey:

  1. Goto the Salesforce.com Object -> Click on the ID to the Object -> Send Email
  2. In the Email Compose window choose Select Template
    Survey Software Help Image
  3. Choose the template you just created
  4. Send the Email

License & Access Options

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