Show/Hide Dimensions for Side-By-Side Matrix Question - How to?

Side-By-Side Matrix question allows you to collect data in matrix question format for more than 1 dimension. With the show/hide dimension logic, you can show or hide any of these dimensions based on logic. For example - You are collecting data on buyers behavior when buying a car for manufacturers: Audi, BMW, and Mercedes on the following dimensions: Performance, Safety, and Design. Now, if you want to hide the design dimension if, for an earlier question, respondents select that design is their least important criteria for car selection, you can do so using show/hide dimension logic.

How to show/hide dimension for a side-by-side matrix question?

Under Workspace, for the side-by-side question, click on the logic option.

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On the popup, you can create a new criteria or use an existing one if already created. Lets create a new criteria.
  • Enter a criteria name. In this case: Design.
  • Select the question and the answer option that is selected.
  • Click on Save to save the criteria.
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Once you have created a criteria:
  • Select criteria for the dimension you wish to hide.
  • Under Display Mode, Select the logic option.
  • Click on Save Question Logic to save and set up logic
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When respondents answer the survey, if they select design as their least preferred/important characteristic, the design dimension will not be shown to them.

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