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How does the two Data Collection types (Store Locator and Address Only) work?

On setting the data collection as Store locator you can search for the stores within the specified location.

On setting the data collection as Address Only you can search for that address location. Enter the address in the address text box on click on Search button the Map will be zoom to that location.

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  • Assign Location/Address to Custom Variable:On the Settings screen there is Assign Location/Address to Custom Variable section, select the custom variable from the drop down.

    For example: If the user selects 3 Stores and custom variable selected above is 'custom1'. The store 2 address will be stored in 'custom2', store 3 address in ‘custom3’.

  • Use predefined no. of stores: If you want respondents to select only N stores out of all the listed stores you can use this validation option. For setting this validation select the value from the drop down, this value in the drop down specify the no of stores you want respondents to select and save the settings.

How can you restrict the Address search to the specific country?

Country code option will be available only when the store locator option is selected under Data Collection

On this screen there is a text filed Country Code. Enter the country code in the text filed and click on Save Question button.

Note:Country codes are short 2 letter alphabetic codes developed to represent countries. For e.g. country code for United States is “us”.

Enable Strict Search:

If you enable this option you will enable a strict search which means when the respondents will need search for exact addresses.

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