Survey data accessibility time limits

As long as your license is active, you have access to the data. Your data will be deleted once you cancel the account. The license begins the day your account is upgraded.

Is there a minimum time-period I should subscribe?

Monthly billing plans do not have a minimum or maximum duration. Upgrade your account anytime and cancel it anytime.

What if I don’t have any surveys actively collecting data — do I still pay?

Yes. The monthly fee not only includes hosting your survey but also access to our online reporting tools and analysis. You can request excel reports, and view online charts and graphs as long as your account is active and current.

When does my license start?

  • Free Trial Licenses - The day your account is created/activated.
  • Paid Licenses - The day your account is Upgraded

My current license has expired - Can I get access to my data?

No - You will have to upgrade to activate your account to get access.

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