Survey Rotation

Survey rotation provides you with the ability to update the survey being shown to a respondent via a single link without having to update the link. This is useful for those who might have a link they use from a website that takes the user to a survey, but they want to change the survey displayed without needing to also update the link. You could also use this for a survey linked from an email signature.

How to access survey rotation?

Go To: Login » Surveys » My Surveys

Under the My Surveys folder, click on the Rotate on webpage icon.

Rotate on webpage option is available only under the My Surveys folder. This will not be visible under any other folders.
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Click on the Add New Page button.

Enter the page name and select a survey to associate with and save.

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  • For each page you create, the URL will always be the same.
  • You can change the survey from the Associated Survey drop down.
  • When you change the associated survey, the page URL will immediately open the new survey.


This feature is available with the following licenses:

Free, Professional, Corporate, Team and Enterprise

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