Tips for Lengthy Surveys

Some Tips for creating longer surveys with QuestionPro

  • With larger surveys/reviews, its generally a good idea to include a PDF copy of the entire survey, available to the respondent at the beginning of the survey, so that it can be reviewed ahead of time before completing the survey. The link to this PDF can be included in both the emails survey invite, survey intro text, as well as the header/footer in the survey.
    • For information on exporting PDF version of the survey please see Additional References below.
    • Once you generate the PDF file, you can upload it in your QuestionPro Account. Please see Additional References for more information on uploading files.
    • You can copy the URL/Link for the uploaded file and use it anywhere on the Survey as well as in the Email Invitation. You can also add text around this link that specifies the steps needed to download the link, etc.
  • Important Note: QuestionPro does not provide the option to go back in the Survey. Also the back button on the respondent's browser is not supported. If the respondent uses the back button in the survey, you will experience unpredictable results (depending on the web browser they are using). As a result, its best to warn your respondents on this at all points in the survey process:
    • Survey invite email
    • Intro text of the survey
    • Header/footer within the survey


  • We suggest using the Save and Continue option on lengthy surveys. When using the "save and continue" feature, its best to educate your respondents how this feature will work ahead of time (via survey invite email, intro text of the survey, and/or header/footer within the survey). Please see Additional References.
  • We suggest using Page Breaks in lengthy surveys. Idealy there should be 4-5 questions on a page. If the questions are text input type questions where respondents are required to provide lengthy comments, its best to put a page break after every 2-3 questions.
  • There is a time-out period of 60 minutes for the survey. What this means is if the Survey is inactive for more than 60 minutes, the response will not get saved. 15 minutes before time-out a warning message is displayed (Pop up).

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