Custom Scripting / Scoring Question - How to?

How to add Custom Scripting/Scoring Question to the Survey?
  • Login » Surveys » Edit Survey
  • Click on the Add Question button
  • Select the Custom Scripting question type from Advanced Question Types
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IMP: A Page Break is necessary before a Custom Scoring / Logic Script type question.
What options should be enabled?
  • Logic Includes Branching: Enable this option if there is Branching involved in the script/logic
  • Logic Includes Looping: Enable this option if there is Looping involved in the script/logic (Please note that multiple rows of data are saved for each loop).
  • Enable Debug Information (For Testing): Enable this option for testing the script/logic

For more information and examples please visit the links below:

License & Access Options
This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :
  • Team Edition
    • Unlimited Surveys, Questions, Responses
    • Advanced Toolset and Features
    • No Long Term Commitment
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Branching based on Custom Variables

How to setup branching based on Custom Variables

 With help of Compound / Delayed Logic you can set up branching based on custom variables.
 Consider this example:
 Q1: Gender
 Q2: Which Car you drive?
 Q3: General question to be answered by everybody

 Branching based on custom variables will be set on Q1 and depending on values of the custom variable will be 
 branched to different questions.

 Q2: To be answered only by those who are Directors or VPs
 Where Positions will be passed using the custom variables

Steps for setting this up:

Before setting up the logic, set up all the questions in the survey.
  • Step I: Click on "Logic" option for question 1
  • Select the Compound/Delayed Branching option and click on "Setup Logic".
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  • Step II: Now click on Add Logic Criteria.
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  • Key in the criteria Name and select the Data Segment Type as "Custom Variables / System variables".
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  • Enter the value for custom variables and click on "Finish".
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  • Criteria for the custom variables have been created successfully. Now click on Continue to setup the branching.
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  • Step III: Now the Criteria will be selected under Logic Criteria. Select the destination questions for if the logic matches or otherwise. Click on the Update/Add Logic button.
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