Metadata - Report label and scale type

What is Metadata?

Metadata aims to classify data, which will enhance data analysis and customer experience, by providing more meaningful reports and charts. The data will be classified in terms of scale type which will help to get the correct statistics. This feature will be made available only to our enterprise customers. By default scale type will be set to “undefined” for applicable question types.

What are the different Scale types?

  • Nominal - Categorical Scales
  • Here the numbers are used merely as names and have no quantitative value. Nominal scales are the lowest levels of measurement. It is a naming scale and is used with categorical data. Example: place of birth, political orientation, gender, types of sports
  • Nominal - Numeric Scales
  • Nominal numeric is as same nominal categorical only difference is here we use numbers instead of names for category representation. Example: number of children, number of cars you own
  • Interval Scales
  • The data with answer options having equal intervals.Interval data carries the assumption that the differences between points on the scale are all equal. That is to say, using the 5-point Likert scale as an interval scale assumes that the difference between strongly agree and agree is the same relative difference as between neutral and agree. Example: Basic matrix with satisfaction,star rating scale
  • Undefined
  • By default all the question will be set to Undefined.
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How does changing a scale type effects the report?

Question types with categorical nature can only be changed from undefined to nominal and question types with interval nature can be changed from undefined to interval. There are few question types like rank order which do not fall in any category such question will be set to undefined and one cannot change the scale type.

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When scale type is changed from undefined to interval,existing spider chart will be updated to advanced spider chart which will provide better and in depth information about each attribute in the matrix.

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When scale type is changed from undefined to nominal numeric or nominal categorical, additional column of cumulative percentage will be added in the data table and statics like mean, SD, standard error, variance will be disabled as such statistics do not have any meaning when used with nominal variables.

What is Report Label?

Report label provides an ability to user to give short name to the questions. These short labels if used will reflect in the dashboard making it easier to read.
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License & Access Options

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