Cognitive Stress / Usability Test

A cognitive stress / usability test is an activity that determines the robustness of surveys by testing them beyond the limits of normal operation.

How to set up the cognitive stress / usability test?

Go To:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Edit
  • Click on Interface and then click on Cognitive Stress / Usability Test under More option.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • Include a maximum of 4 questions for testers.
  • Select the Test Platform.
  • Click on Order Test
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  • In next step enter credit card details or use existing credit card and click on Pay Now or Confirm Payment.

What do I get with usability test?

  • You get a narrated video of each tester answering your survey.
  • You see their screen, mouse movements, and keystrokes.
  • You hear them say everything they see, read, think or do.
  • You get written answers to four questions you can pose to each tester. You can ask your own questions.

How do I get the results?

You will get the results by e-mail after the testing is complete. You will get a video from each tester (total 3 videos) with feedback as well as written answers to the questions you have asked.

Can I get the survey tested on mobile devices?

We provide testing only for web browsers. We will launch Android and iOS testing soon. Please contact us on Live Chat if you have further questions.

QuestionPro has partnered with TryMyUI to provide the usability testing platform. TryMyUI has a panel of over 125,000 testers across the globe to provide in-depth usability testing.

Can I target testers in a specific language or country?

At this point no. We however envision adding this functionality in the next few months.

Can I order more (or less) than 3 testers?

Our research has shown that at least 3-5 testers are needed to validate usability and cognitive stress issues. For the sake of simplicity, we require that each order have at least 3 tests. You can order multiple batches of 3 tests each.

Will I get notified by email when the usability tests are recorded?

Yes. TryMyUI will send you a notification with a link to a recorded video.

Is there a Usability / Cognitive Stress Score that is generated?

We are actively working with TryMyUI, to codevelop a model around scoring. This will get released soon.


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