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Collaboration allows you to solicit feedback from stakeholders about your survey. Its a simple way to send out a link to your boss/colleague and see what they think of the survey. Draft / Collaborate mode allows peers to give you real-time feedback on your survey as they are taking / reviewing it. Users can provide comments on a question-by-question basis and reviewers can see each others comments. The advantage is that collaborators can also make minor modifications to the survey (like correct spelling errors, etc.) directly as they are taking the survey. All changes are logged for auditing purposes.

How can I enable draft / collaborate mode?

Draft / Collaborate mode can be enabled by clicking on the Status link. In the popup select the Draft / Collaborate option and save. You can add email address for the collaborator(s) when enabling the Draft / Collaborate mode. An email invitation with the survey link will be sent out.

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How does the Draft / Collaborate mode affects the survey?

When previewing the survey users will see:

  • General Comments: Here you can see the log for comments, changes made in the survey.
  • Leave Comment: You may type and save your comments here.
  • Add Comments (Individual Questions): For each question you will see an Add Comments link. This allows you to add / view comments for the individual question.
  • Edit (Individual Questions): Each question has an option to Edit. Users can edit the question text or correct spelling errors. All changes are logged.

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How to disable Collaborate mode?

On the My Surveys tab, click on the Draft/Collaborate link for the survey under Status. Change status to Active and Save.

License & Access Options

This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Team Edition

Unlimited Surveys, Questions

Advanced Toolset and Features

No Long Term Commitment

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