DomainKeys Identified Mail - DKIM

Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication method designed to detect email spoofing. It allows the receiver to check that an email claimed to have come from a specific domain was indeed authorized by the owner of that domain. It is intended to prevent forged sender addresses in emails, a technique often used in phishing and email spam.

Use the DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) key feature to enable QuestionPro to sign outbound emails sent on your organization’s behalf. A valid signature provides recipients confidence that the email was handled by QuestionPro in a way authorized by your organization.

Why should you set up DKIM?

If your emails are getting caught in SPAM folder/filters or emails are not getting delivered to recipients, setting up DKIM will ensure email delivery to inbox.

What are the steps to add DKIM key?

Before setting up DKIM key, we need to verify that QuestionPro SPF record is added to your domain and also verify DMARC policy.

Step 1:

Add QuestionPro SPF record to your domain. QuestionPro SPF Record:

Once you have added the QuestionPro SPF record, you can verify it here: Check SPF Record

Step 2:

Verify DMARC policy here: Check DMARC Policy

Step 3:

QuestionPro will generate a public and private key pair. Please add a TXT record of the public key that will be shared with you to your domain. This step needs to be performed by your IT team as QuestionPro does not have access to your domain settings.

Step 4:

Verify TXT record here: Check TXT record for DKIM

Step 5:

Upon TXT record verification for DKIM, QuestionPro will activate the DKIM keys to complete the set up. QuestionPro will verify email delivery status and DKIM key signature on the email.

Are there any costs associated with DKIM key generation and set up?

QuestionPro will charge a one-time set up fee of USD 500. Any changes to the key/setup will be USD 250.

How can I request for DKIM key?

Please contact us on chat or contact your account representative to initiate DKIM set up.

DKIM set up will not work and is not required when using the SMTP Relay Mail Server Integration.

This feature is available with the following license:


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