Downgrading Account - FAQ

The features and tools available on your depend upon your current license. If you've used a particular license to create your survey you will not be able to downgrade your account to a lower license level. This is done to preserve data and system integrity.

The systems (servers, software) that QuestionPro uses for the various licenses are all different. Surveys conducted with the higher end licenses are hosted in servers with higher processing capacity, with a software toolset that includes various analytical tools for additional data processing. These systems are optimized and customized to handle the analytical and service load requirements of the higher end license.

Accordingly, it is simply not possible for us to allow downgrades to any of our licenses.

Can I get a one-time waiver and allow me to downgrade my account?

In the "Terms Of Use" we clearly state that downgrading accounts is not permitted :

III.(6) Free Trial Period, Payments, Refunds, Upgrading, Downgrading

  • Downgrading your Service is not permitted.
A link to the full Terms of Use can be found below in the References section.

Accordingly, we cannot make any exceptions to this policy.

I really don't need the service for the next few months. Can I get some sort of a discount?

While we cannot allow you to downgrade your account, we may be able to offer you a discount. This will require an annual licensing agreement. Please contact Sales and Business Development and inquire about any promotional discounts that can be offered. Please note that there may not be promotional discounts available all the time.

I have an Annual license, can I switch to a Monthly license at the same level?

Currently changing the billing cycle from Annual to Monthly is not possible. If you wish to change to Monthly billing please contact Sales at the end of your Annual cycle.

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