FAQ’s for Non-Profit Waiver License

Our organization is a non-profit organization, how should we request for a non-profit account?

To request for non-profit waiver license, you will need to follow the steps mentioned on the following page : Click Here

Note: When you send an email to non-profit@questionpro.com with the request to gain access to Non-Profit license, please do send a copy of the certificate or document where it is mentioned that your organization is a Non-Profit organization.

I do not have access to website to add the statement, will I still be able to get access to non-profit waiver license?

No, you will need to get in touch with your IT department or developers who work on your website who have access to the website so that they can add the QuestionPro statement on the website. We would not able to provide your organization with the Non-profit waiver license, if the statement is not added on the website’s homepage.

Our organization does not have a website, will we be able to get the Non-Profit waiver license?

No, in order to get access your organization must have a official website and QuestionPro statement should be added to your website.

With Non-Profit Waiver license, how many accounts will we get?

You will get one account with Non-Profit Waiver license with all corporate license level features.

In case I need some additional accounts/users or some additional mobile usernames/keys with my Non-Profit license, how should I proceed?

Your Non-Profit license is a single user license, in case you need to purchase some additional users/accounts or some additional usernames/keys, you may contact us on our live chat so that one of our sales representative will be able to help you with the best possible quote.

What is the duration of the Non-Profit Waiver license?

The Non-Profit Waiver license tenure will expire after 1 year from the day it was upgraded to Non-Profit license.

Note: Make sure the QuestionPro’s Statement added on your website remains there till your duration of your license as our system checks the website periodically in order to verify the statement added.

How can I renew my the Non-Profit Waiver Account?

If your Non-Profit license has expired or expiration date is near, you can request for renewing your account by sending an email to non-profit@questionpro.com.

The QuestionPro’s Non-Profit team will get back to you with the next steps to follow in order to renew your account.

Can we add logo of statement make it as hyperlink pointing to your website instead of text statement?

No, you can only make use of statement by using it’s HTML,which you will find on the this page.

Usage of QuestionPro logo and making it hyperlink or creating a logo of the statement and hyperlinking to QuestionPro website will also not work.

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