Zip Postal Code- Data reference

The reference/validated data question type provides you the ability to validate postal zip codes that your respondents enter. In that way you can be sure it is not any random code. It belongs to a specific area.

The various databases we support:

  • Australia Postal code
  • Brazil Postal code
  • Canada Postal code
  • France Postal code
  • Germany Postal code
  • Japan Postal code
  • UK Postal code
  • United States Postal code

You can select any one of the postal code for the listed countries.

What about zip/postal codes from other countries?

Most countries do NOT make their Zip/Postal codes available free of charge. For example, in order to import the UK Postal Database, we would have to pay the Royal Postal Service over 20,000 USD. If you are from a country that HAS OFFICIALLY made the postal code/zip code database publicly available, please send us the URL/Site. We may incorporate/import that data and make it available as part of our standard databases.

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