Create Survey - How to?

Creating a survey depends on two things:
  1. The way it’s designed
  2. Which survey tool is used

The goal of creating a survey is to elicit holistic information from a target audience that provides enough data points to generate actionable insights.

How do I create a survey?

To create a survey:

  • Go to: Login » My Surveys.
  • Click on the new survey button.
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There are two ways of creating a survey:

  1. Create a survey from scratch: Click new survey » enter the survey name of your choice » click on the create survey button.

    From here, you can begin adding question types and other survey settings.

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  3. Use a template to create a survey: Click new survey » use a template » select the survey template of your choice.
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    A pop-up will appear giving a preview of the selected templates. Click on use this template button to create a survey.

    Next, you can review and add your own survey customizations (optional).

Which is the most recommended survey creation method?

  • When you are sure about what kind of survey you wish to create, ‘new survey’ method is the most recommended as it gives you the ability to design your survey exactly the way you want it to be.
  • When you are not sure about what kind of survey you wish to create, you could always use the ‘templates’ and then edit them accordingly.

Where can I get an overview of QuestionPro ?

We conduct a live weekly webinar series which is absolutely FREE!. Each webinar is about 45 minutes long.

To learn more about what topics we cover, check out our Training page!


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